Product’s Examples

Frontak Ltd. offer you the most advanced and reliable packaging solutions. Here are varieties of products the suppliers we represent can offer you:

Beverage Packaging

Our suppliers offers glass bottles and PET preforms for soft drinks and carbonated, Labels for beer and beverages, Beverage caps & Closures: twist-off, Wine &Beer& Spirit Aluminum caps.

Food Packaging

Our suppliers’s main assortment is: flexible packaging, plastic containers and bottles, paper bags and carton containers, food cans, glass containers and more.

Caps & Closures in this field- oil caps, milk caps, twist-off caps, ketchup caps, squeezers caps, screw caps etc.

Consumer Goods

Our suppliers offer creative and professional solutions for your comfort, such as: Plastic disposables, Various Plates & Cups, cutlery, paper cups, vending cups and also Paper bags, wide range of fibers, Napkins and more.

Industrial Packaging

In the field of industrial packaging, our suppliers offer packaging solutions, such as: Paper bags/sack, stretch film, plastic buckets, cardboard, etc.

Plastic , Raw Materials & Malt

Our suppliers can offer in this field: BOPP Films for various applications, PET Films, Shrink and Stretch Films, Stretch Hood, PS Thermoforming sheets.

Cosmetics & Toiletrie

In this field our suppliers can offer: aluminum aerosols and tin aerosols for any application, household cleaning plastic bottles in various volumes, with a variety of caps – pumps, injectors, screw caps, Cosmetics caps, Agrochemical caps, pharmaceutics caps and more.